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The Stranded Phase Podcast

This show is for those who feel they are living in a stuck place with their past, career, relationship, marriage, or entrepreneur journey. This show will help listeners learn the importance of pressing play during the stranded phase. The Stranded phase is a phase any successful person must endure to prove the worthiness of their gift, like a right of passage. Each guests will share their story to overcoming their Stranded phase and why it yielded greatness on the other side.

Jul 30, 2021

Ladies, it’s time to realize that you don’t need to wait for the stamp of approval on your purpose and your gifts from anyone other than yourself! 

As Jessica and Ronne take a look back at their journey together during the inception of Jessica’s podcasting agency, Instapodcasts, you will uncover the true meaning of knowing your value in both your business and your personal lives. Tune in and learn how to not only stand in your worth but to speak it to those around you as well.

So come join in on the dynamic conversation about authentic mentorship, inner healing, and, above all, validating your damn self! 

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  • Why you are your own stamp of approval. 
  • Where is your low self-esteem rooted in? 
  • The importance of showing (not telling) people what they deserve.
  • What true mentorship and coaching should look like. 
  • Are you temporarily happy or are you truly healed? 



“You do not need someone to validate you or support you, you get to decide. All you need to do is be in the right rooms, be surrounded by the right people, and have access to the right resources.”

“My true question to every single woman on here - How much longer are you going to wait for someone else to put the stamp of approval on your purpose?” 



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