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Rich In Real Life Podcast

This show is for those who feel they are living in a stuck place with their past, career, relationship, marriage, or entrepreneur journey. This show will help listeners learn the importance of pressing play during the stranded phase. The Stranded phase is a phase any successful person must endure to prove the worthiness of their gift, like a right of passage. Each guests will share their story to overcoming their Stranded phase and why it yielded greatness on the other side.

Mar 26, 2020

As fast as we can think of what we want or desire, we can usually just as fast come up with excuses or fears as to why not. 

However todays guest, Kim Gentry, did not let that stop her. This episode is full of game as we talk through Kim's journey of being a HR professional for over a decade and where she accidentally...

Mar 19, 2020

Tired of the coronavirus? Me too! I think we all are, but just like any butt whopping, it seems its going to last a little longer than we would like. 

We are resilient humans with powerful souls that WILL come out on the best side of this. But in the meantime, in between time, we have to not only do our "due dilligence"...