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Rich In Real Life Podcast

This show is for those who feel they are living in a stuck place with their past, career, relationship, marriage, or entrepreneur journey. This show will help listeners learn the importance of pressing play during the stranded phase. The Stranded phase is a phase any successful person must endure to prove the worthiness of their gift, like a right of passage. Each guests will share their story to overcoming their Stranded phase and why it yielded greatness on the other side.

Dec 15, 2020

If 2020 was a crazy year for you than I have a feeling I know what your praying for in 2021. A year with normalcy, no more COVID, and a year where you can catch up on all the things you set out to do in 2020 that got pushed back.

I truly think 2020 for many of us was cleansing, caused us to sit still, and count our...

Dec 2, 2020

Last week I did a sappy episode and this week I feel like I am pouring in my complaints, but if you bare with me for a sec I know I am calling out something you want to complain about too.

WHERE ARE MY DAMN FRIENDS? and for that matter, where are those friends I see people on Instagram having that cheer them on...