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The Stranded Phase Podcast

This show is for those who feel they are living in a stuck place with their past, career, relationship, marriage, or entrepreneur journey. This show will help listeners learn the importance of pressing play during the stranded phase. The Stranded phase is a phase any successful person must endure to prove the worthiness of their gift, like a right of passage. Each guests will share their story to overcoming their Stranded phase and why it yielded greatness on the other side.

Nov 9, 2018

Life is NOT a waiting room, so what are you waiting for? This concept set so deep into my soul this weekend while I sat at a conference that was deep diving into all the technical stuff my business needs to move forward. It took me 3 days to finally understand what they were talking about, but when I left it dawned on me “waiting” to seek this information actually held my progress and the success of my business back….about 6+ months.

Most of us are paralyzed by fear or afraid to act because we're unsure if our idea or business is validated. Would anyone actually buy what I am selling OR care about what I am doing? There is no better way to know that when to start.

I give you 6 practical steps to move you from your stuck phase and into real action!